Sample Wikis: How Educators are Using Wikis

Teachers Using Wikis With Students

Mrs. Lee's seventh grade class uses wikis to explore vocabulary words.
Jennifer Evans created this wiki to supplement the conversation in her American Lit, Brit Lit, World Cultures, and Novel courses.
John Paul II Catholic Secondary School uses this wiki to support technology course work.
Carla Beard asks kids to link their connections to poetry.
American Lit students at Connersville Highschool are asked to contribute to this wiki after completing independent reading.
Kathy Cassidy's class of first grade students ask others to contribute to their learning as in this rituals wiki.
Mary Howard and Jillian Schneider are working with sixth grade students to develop individualized wikispaces in response to literature circles here.
Neil Winton's choose your own adventure wiki inspires many possibilities.
Other examples of educational wikis can be found here.

Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, and Consultants Using Wikis for Professional Purposes

Sheri Barsottelli is a new wiki user who uses her space to share her goals and what she is learning. Her students are also beginning to join in.
Crista is a fifth grade teacher who uses her wikispace to organize her resources and maintain access to them.
Kate is a curriculum director who uses her wikispace to gather, organize, and share resources with her teachers and her network.
Mike is tech integrator who uses wikis in his work with teachers. He shares a FANTASTIC abundance of them with his network here.
Wissahickon's e-toolbox is right here.
Jennifer Dorman's wiki provides a wealth of resources for any educator striving to understand and integrate new technologies.
Dr. Donna Baumbach and Dr. Judy Lee provide information about web-based tools here.
Wesley Fryer shares these K-12 examples on his blog.
Alec Couros shares his resources on the Open Thinking Wiki.
Darren Draper, Robin Ellis, Kelly Dumont and Jamie Gustin provide OpenPD here.
Sheryl Nussbaum Beach shares her resources and invites collaboration at 21st Century Collaborative.

Learning More and Starting Your Own

Wikis in Plain English at Common Craft.

Favorite Spaces
Wikispaces for educators

Decision Making
Wikimatrix: Compare Them All

Defining a Purpose
How to Use Wikis in Education
Wesley Fryer: 20 Ways to Use a Wiki

Beyond the Basics

Vicki Davis: Wiki Pizzazz
Lenva Shearing: Getting Tricky With Wikis